Life in Malta

Malta- I am here 1,5 month. When I came here it was so cold and I could not understand if it was right choice or wrong. Each day bay day I start to love this small island. Now weather became really nice, warm, sunny. I wake up in the morning to go to the job … Continue reading Life in Malta

Why I drink?!!

Why I drink? Why people are drinking so much in nowadays? Everywhere. People are losing themselves. You really think when you drink that you became better and life is happier? Why I drink? Am I shy from someone and I need a drink to open to someone. I was so tired today of my work, … Continue reading Why I drink?!!

Date with Cemil

In Friday I feel sad, hungry, wanted to go for dinner. I use different dating sites to date with men. I have, “tinder” app, “invitetravel” app, Long time I didn’t use invitetravel app. Remembered to go inside there and search for people from Malta. I find one man with whom I was texting some month … Continue reading Date with Cemil