About me


Who I am

Hi! I am Anonymous Monroe. I am a girl who till 18 years grew up in small countryside city with my parents and two brothers. Later move to the capital city. We were just average family and sample family for other people. Smart to guys, smart girl, good mother, a good father. Both work in respectable jobs, no one drinks or smokes. Kids (me/us) dancing, singing, do sport, do music, are good in school. For all others in our small city, we were sample family.

The Two Lifes

But here in this Monroe blog I open step by step, my soul, my real life, my second life – how I get into prostitution, alcohol addict, cigarette addict, tried suicide, trying drugs, had depressions. Now I am a girl with two bachelor degrees, with a good job, but also with a dark side of my other life about no one knows it fully. Its so hard to keep inside, that I need somewhere to put it out.

What I Want

My mother plays a big role in my life. Sadly and with tears in my eyes but in reality morally destroying role. I want to show all other girls/women and mothers what can become with your daughter if she will not gets y

our love enough or gets it too much, but correctly would be to say…will not get it in right way. How mothers love to daughters can destroy your daughter.

About Diary

I was writing a diary from 2011-2014 anonymous in a small webpage just for myself and no one else. I needed to write down everything how I feel otherwise I would get crazy. That small webpage was looking like it is dying and there are no people in it, but somehow after quite long time there, I saw a lot of people reading my diary from my country. A lot of people write me there and ask “Let’s meet. I will help you” but I didn’t want to meet with someone because I knew that once I will meet I will not be anonymous anymore and could not write everything how I feel etc. , because I came from small country and by the way, I knew that my mother is also in that webpage. Until one day…I decide to meet with one man who was reading my diary from 2011-2014. And as I predicted it happened…I could not write anymore and it ends.

Now it’s 2018 and I decide to write a blog here, but before I write my current life I want to introduce you to my life before. That is why I am posting diary posts from the beginning of 2011.

I can guarantee that all posts are true my feeling and no fantasy or imagination. Sometimes I was writing when I was drunk or I had hangover…ok.not sometimes but often, but anyway it was my feelings at that moment.