I want to quit smoking now

6 thoughts on “I want to quit smoking now”

  1. Some days for me, I think about out going back.. because of one reason. Im not happy with myself right now. I bet you a lot of people smoke is because of depression. You have to find out what makes you happy. Something that can keep cigarettes off your mind

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    1. Yes, you are right. When you feel down you want to drink or smoke and it is very hard when you cant do both 😦 like me. You are very right also about find that happy thing – I also find out when I am not smoking I am much happier, I do a lot of more things, and I feel happier that I dont have any addictions. I am free. I feel so powerful and try to reach my goals.
      But wait did you said that you don’t feel happy about yourself and thats why want to start smoke again?

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      1. Can’t depend on someone to pick you up. I had no support until I met my husband. My whole child hood was ruin. Still till this day, i have problems with bettering my self


      2. I didn’t mean to pick you up. I mean to keep a connection with people who are on the same line as you. For me for example, I quit drinking and I am in AA. I try to communicate with people from AA. You don’t need to wait while someone will change your life but you need to keep people around yourself from whom you can learn or who would support to say good word. Need to accept that no one can help you except yourself.

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