Quit smoking is hard

8 thoughts on “Quit smoking is hard”

  1. I have been smoking for a while as well. When you feel down. Pray. Ask God to remove that taste from your mouth. Ask God to heal you. When you become weak.. period, pray. Thats how I learn. Every time I felt the need of wanting to smoke a cigarette, I asked God to show me a different route. I have been through tough times just like everyone else but God is the only solution. Pls read my upcoming book. It deals with this situation as well.


    1. Yes, thats what I am trying to do, but after some time I forgot about God and just smoke 😦 Today all day didn’t smoked but again after work decide to buy a pack. How long you now managed to not to smoke?

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      1. Once you lose focus on God, the devil will come in. Instead of smoking, I got healthy. Started walking, eating right.. nourishing my body because i was killing my self every puff I take.


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