Some people say – you are racist

Really, am I racist?

I am a little bit tired of that because I do not think that I am racist. I am registered in one site what calls In general its site for man an women who like to travel. I write a description about myself and also write that “No Turkish man”. oh, guys if you would know how many Turkish people angry write to me. Yes, someone would say that it is my fault because I write that I do not like the Turkish man.

1. Turkish mans

Turkish manFor me, all people are equal until they show themselves from the “best part”. I hate when someone says I am racist but I am not I just don’t like certain nationality people. I don’t care what kind of skin color they have. I had nothing against Turkish man but in my life, I have met a lot of Turkish men, they are everywhere and as I am blond they find me by themselves. One thing what is common to all Turkish man – try to get sex on the first date and if you say no then they look at you and say “what’s wrong with you?”, “You don’t like me?”. They look at you like having sex it’s like eating and look at you with big eyes and a lot of ununderstanding. I am not a whore and I have self-respect. Another thing what is common to all Turkish man is the sentence ” I am not like a typical Turkish man, I am an open minded European man”. Almost all Turkish man what I met in my life said the same. In my home country I met one Turkish guy, he was hiding that he is from Turkey. He said to me that he is from New York, later I understand that he is from Turkey, but the last 2 years was just living in New York. He also was begging me to prove that he is not like everyone Turkish man but in reality, he was. He wanted to have sex straight away but didn’t get and try to “wait” while I will be ready. While we were dating he didn’t want to allow me to go somewhere, do something but at the same time he was a student and he was partying around with friends and when I said to him why you can do that and I can’t go to the theater with friends which is not even partying. He answers to me “I am a man, I can do that. For women, if she is in a relationship it is not good”. Fuck it…really ?? You are in my country not in Turkey. He proves many times that he is a tipical Turkish man. It was just one experience but I have many others, even with a Turkish man who 15 years live in the USA and still, he is Turkish. All together make me don’t like Turkish man just because they think different, not because they are bad. They are not bad people, just different from my understanding of the world. I grow up in the matriarchal world and they live in the patriarchal world. I live in a democracy freedom world I will not have a man with power who will try to control something in my life or will dictate what he wants and I will do that.

Why not turkish manI remember also when I just move to Malta there was one Turkish man who just feeds me one, two times at his home and that is why he expects that we will have sex. I just move to Malta I could not eat here, could not find a food what I can eat here, so he owns a restaurant and he invites at his home to have dinner. Ok.its stupid to go to someones home, but I said straight away:” If I come to your home don’t expect that we will have sex”. Anyway, he expected it. After the first time, he was okay that I said “no”, then there was the second time when we eat at his home and again I said do not expect to have sex. He tried and again receive “no” he becomes angry “why you all the time say to me “we will not have sex”, “we will not have sex”, “you don’t like me”, “what is wrong with you”.” And I feel like I have “deja vu”. I have heard this so many times..bla bla bla…

I live in another world where women are free to do what they want to do. They have their right to be wherever they want to be, do what they want to do and it doesn’t mean anything. In my country, I had also man friends. Maybe they cook delicious stake so they invite me to try their stake after work, and it’s normal, it doesn’t mean that I came to his home to have sex. Or I have a man friend who has so lovely cat and he knows how I adore cats, so always says to me: “Come to cuddle with my cat anytime if you want”. Sometimes I came and we were just drinking wine, talk and he does not expect to have sex because I come to his home.  In Turkey, it is all different. I don’t want to follow someone roles, that’s it.

2. Pakistani, India and other third countries man

No man from IndiaI do have nothing against there skin color but about their education and view to life. I have met those people also in my life. People from India are very interesting people. I remember I met a guy from India in Milan, Italy. We met and we decide to drive by car to Swiss Lugano city. On the road, he asks me “let’s drive to McDonald?” I said, “No, I don’t want McDonald, I want normal breakfast”, “No problem baby”. After 15 minutes we drive to McDonald. Then in the car it was so hot I ask him to switch on AC if he has it, he said: “Yes, yes no problem”. I wait 10 minutes and ask: “Do you have AC in the car?”. “Yes, yes babe no problem”. And then I ask again “Can you switch it on, please?”. He just opens the window and asks “Is it better, babe?”. Ahhh in 3 days while I was with him, he just makes me crazy with each small thing. I also ask him to buy wine for the evening and he comes back from the shop with a 0,3ml bottle. Its one glass of wine. How we should drink both that small bottle? With those people from third countries, the problem is – miscommunication and misunderstanding. Their manners also are not the best. I remember we were in a hotel and he just threw on the floor empty bottle of water. I ask why he does that if there is a garbage bin? And he was living in Italy for 7 years. And also, yes he is not only one person from third countries. I have met a lot of them, during traveling and many other situations.  I know there are also highly educated people and probably they are closer to the European lifestyle but in general, they live in another world. No one says they are bad or something just I feel comfortable to live in my European, educated people world, where if I say something, it means what I say and there are no different understandings.


3. Old people…

Okay, this category is not under racist category but it makes me crazy sometimes too. I imagine myself still a young, blond, beautiful, fit girl and then 56, 67, 70 years old man texts me on the internet that he wants to have a relationship or wants to travel together etc. ? Seriously ?? Did you look in the mirror? How and what makes them think that 27 years old girl would want to have a relationship with a really old man? Not rich, not handsome, not looking younger or etc. How and why? Can tell me, someone. I really don’t get it what makes them think that I would be interested.

Old naughty man

Anyway, all this together makes my experience why I think how I think about certain nationalities. I grow up where I grow. I have my life values and I want to stay with these life values and want to be with people who have the same values. It is not racism. Racism would be if I would not like certain people because they are black, darker or etc.

Thank you for reading..

Kisses :*


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