Free day+new lover

Awesome Free day

Today was a free day. After a long time, I sleep very well, wake up without an alarm clock. It is amazing when you can sleep as long as you can when you wake up and you don’t have a hangover you feel good. Because last 6 months almost every time before my free day I drink and then on my free day I didn’t feel perfect, also as I was smoking I feel not so a lot of energy. You wake up and you feel already tired. Sometimes my days was just all day smoking and laying in the bed with my computer. 

Single girls lifeTomorrow I am flying to Marocco. I wanted today to do some shopping, walk around in the shops in Valletta. I am happy that I did what I wanted to do today, just sad that there was bad shopping because didn’t buy nothing. Actually, I would not suggest no one does shopping in Malta because there is nothing to buy, just souvenirs. 

Man from London

I have a man from London, he has a house in Marocco too. I will spend a week together with him. He is wealthy, I actually don’t know why he wants to date with me because we have too big age difference to be together, also he said that we have “friend date”. It makes me a little bit sad because I thought maybe he will want some relationships too and I will have the opportunity to be together with a wealthy man but nop. He is interested I guess just as a lover. Anyway, he treats me so good that no one women could decline his attention. As I understand now that I can’t have a serious relationship with him, then I will look at him as a rich man from whom I can get something. Maybe that’s also what he is looking for-girl who spoil but not make a serious relationship. He always said to me “dear, everything you want, just say”. I always try to be a nice girl and don’t ask nothing, but if I do ask small thing he does it straight away.  Hope I will enjoy my vacation in Marrakech. 

Has anyone been in Marocco and can suggest what to do/see there?

Kisses from Monroe :*


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