Life in Malta

Malta- I am here 1,5 month. When I came here it was so cold and I could not understand if it was right choice or wrong. Each day bay day I start to love this small island. Now weather became really nice, warm, sunny. I wake up in the morning to go to the job and it is a sunny morning, warm and so nice even go to the job. So what is pluses and minuses of Malta?

  1. Food

    Food I would say it is not delicious here. Prices are almost the same everywhere. If you want to eat in restaurant mostly choice are pasta, pizza, some meat. Pasta is delicious but very heavy. Really heavy food that you could not finish even your one plate. Pizza is not delicious. Really. In some places it is okay, but mostly not delicious. I was surprised because the thought that Italy is so close and pizza should be very delicious. Even in my country which is so far away from Italy pizza is much more delicious. Meat – don’t waste your money and don’t buy steak or pork or chicken. It is not delicious here. You can eat it but you will not enjoy it. I was in the very expensive restaurant but even there steak was not delicious. Salads- in some places they are good but mostly also somehow not delicious. They eat a lot of bread. I don’t like bread a lot. Sushi – sushi is delicious here. Fish is delicious here. One pack of cigarettes costs 5.80 EUR. To eat dinner somewhere you will need 10-20 EUR if you will drink also one glass of wine or beer. Without alcohol around 10-15 EUR.

  2. Streets

    Omg. public buses here are just terrible. They drive how they want on their own timetable. If you will not push the button then bus could not stop at your bus stop. Sometimes and actually very often they are so full that they don’t take more passengers. Or sometimes they are so full and they take more and more. There is no place anymore in the bus at all. For a vacation to use the bus, okay, but if you came here to live and you need to go to the job with the bus it is nightmare. Okay in mornings they somehow are almost in the time 10-15 minutes before the time what is written on a timetable, but in the evening they can late 1 or 2 hours. Streets are so small that there is no place where to walk, you don’t feel comfortable to walk on the street because cars are just 1 cm from you. Driving with the car – if you can drive on the left side in the small streets and you are good in parking, then it is maybe okay. They park 1mm from another car, they drive in 2-way streets where sometimes you need allow the bus to drive and then you can drive. Streets are really, really small.

  3. Appartments

    Apartments have extremally high prices. Overpriced. Valletta-Sliema-Gzira-Sant Julian is most famous¬†cities where everything happens. Prices in this cities are very hight for an apartment. In Gzira and Sliema minimum you can rent 700EUR for really small, old apartment. Most people are sharing apartments here. In St.Julian one room cost around 700EUR. Just a room in shared apartment. 350EUR cost one bed in 2 beds bedroom. I don’t know about Valletta, but prices there also are not low. Most people are sharing an apartment in Gzira, Sliema. They pay 300-400 EUR for one room including bills. If you want to find something cheaper you need to search something outside of Gzira, Sliema. It was my most disappointed when I came here. I rent an apartment in another city and I need to go by bus to the job, but that bus is going terribly. So what is better you need to choose – rent a cheap apartment and spend your life waiting for a bus or pay more and don’t use the bus at all.

  4. Shopping

    I would say clothes here are cheaper than in other Europe countries, but here is not so big choice of it. There are no big shopping centers. Locals are saying – “The Point” is the biggest shopping center, but when I was there – it is not big. It is just average I would say small and there is not much. A lot of jewelry shops. Jewelry I guess is cheaper. Gold is cheaper. Not a lot of shoes. Nice summer clothes like dresses. A lot of choice for sunglasses, bikinis. Mostly also clothes are not good quality. You need to find brand shops where clothes are with good quality. Guess, Tomy Hilfiger is cheaper than other EU countries.

  5. Mans

    Before I came here almost every woman from my country said: “Don’t get in relationships with Maltese”. Now I totally agree. They have a different mentality. They are not bad but what I saw here that most of them are 30 years old but they still somehow are like mommy son. They still are children. They are very small, they are not tall. Yes, they can dress cool, look cool but that’s it. In 30 years they can still live with parents and be with parents together. What you can expect from a man who still lives with mom. Only after 30 they probably could buy an apartment and finally live alone. Not for a long time. They find a girl who would do mother work at home. I am sharing an apartment with Maltese guy. He is 30 but still like a young boy looks and acts. The most thing what I don’t like is that they are small and not tall at all. I am small but when I met a guy who is the same as me I dont feel comfortable.

  6. Weather

    Don’t come here in winter time. Really. It is one of my biggest suggestions. Come here only on summer time and then you can enjoy. There is not a lot of beaches and sandy beach…come on actually it is so small. Maybe I just already have seen so many beautiful beaches in my life that this one seems nothing. They have maybe 3 sand beach and that’s it. In hot weather, that small beaches will be so full that you could not find a step where to put.

In general, the best part of Malta is the weather. I will try to enjoy this weather but not sure that Malta could be country where I could stay for a long time.

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