My mind after a bottle of wine

I realize one thing – I want to write a blog when I feel sad, mad, I have a bad mood or just I don’t feel good. When everything is good I don’t want to write. Interesting, why it is so? I believe there is the type of people whom the most comfortable feeling is complaining. Complain about life, complain about her/his look, complain about the job, education, friend etc. It is hard to accept it but I think I am one of them.

Love is the secret

I love people who look happy and satisfied with herself. What is the secret of them? The secret is love. If you get love from your parents, if you saw a love in the family, then you know how to give it to other people. You are a copy of your parents. Even a lot of people disagree with that but its the truth. I don’t want to accept it but it is the truth. I became more and more like my mother. I remember that only one wish I had in my life – not be the same as my mother and not live life as my mother was living.

No love in the family

I didn’t see a love in the family, that is why for me it is okay to be alone. I actually don’t know how is life with love around. My mother all her life is complaining about everything and I do the same. The hardest thing is to change yourself. How can you grow up different if you each second day talk with mother but when you talk only thing what she is doing is complaining about all her life? It is not some period of life, but it is 26 years what you heard every second day. How you can be different?

The same with alcohol. If you would see your parents drinking every second day. 20 years parties, drinking etc. How you can grow different? Yes, some people grow in alcoholic families and they hate alcohol, but it is in the worst situation. A lot of nowadays young parents are drinking, partying a lot – they are not typical alcoholics. The child sees an everyday party, fun life. Do you think he will grow different?

Out of comfort zone

People need to go out of comfort zone. Each time when you do it you get a new experience. So a lot of people in this life just afraid. I afraid too but for many people, I am very brave women. Brace because I can travel a lot, brave because I can move live to another country completely alone without no one help. They think I don’t afraid. Fuck, I am afraid of every normal people. The difference is – I take a risk. I prepare myself that I will be out of my comfort zone. Morally prepare me. If you for some time will say to yourself that you prepare for that risk you will use to that.

I take a risk many times in my life. There was a good and bad experience. Different experience but that is what makes me morally stronger. But you know what? More different you became harder is to live in this world. Most of the people are not well educated, very low and close thinking. Sometimes I feel like a scanner. I have enough maybe some days to meet with someone to understand what kind of person he/she is. And that’s it. When I understand that person is boring for me.

When I was in love with one man. I loved him because for all that time we spend together I still can’t understand him. He was like a man who I should explore.

I don’t like crowded places, I do not like a lot of people around. But why? I know why because I don’t like stupid conversations about stupid things. I don’t like stupid acting and laugh about stupid things. Today I was walking on the street. There was a group of people walking too. All around my age. They all together make some stupid noize, like bird noise or some other animal noise and altogether was laughing about that. For me, it seems so stupid.

If I would be rich

If I would be rich I would open universities, not normal universities but something out of control. Where millionier in business would teach how to be a successful businessman, where best layers would teach how to be a lawyer. Science is our future. I wish people could study and study and study, and for free. Where everyone who sees herself in science could join it. Nowadays money is everything and if you don’t have money you cant even study successfully. That is wrong, very wrong. That is why if I would be rich I would make universities for free.

Many young people study and don’t know if they like it, many people pay for studies and choose that studies because it was cheaper.

Young people sexual life

There are young people sexual life and problem is that most of the parents don’t know how to talk about it with the children. In schools teachers also not teach about that a lot or teach it in that time when childer already know about it more than teachers knows 🙂 It is funny, but that’s the truth. Sad heard that 15  or 16 years old girl is pregnant. Children have a children’s. I see a lot of young girls here in Malta being pregnant. And again it is the only uneducatedness.

World is complicated

Nowadays world became so complicated that you can not understand what is good and what is bad in this life. Where is written what is right and what is wrong? Each people have their own world with understand right and bad things, but if you are uneducated…then your understanding is little different and can be completely wrong with all world.

In the end, I wish to say – love your people what you have around for so many years. Who are with you and doesn’t matter what you do and where you are. They just love you because you are and that’s it. That kind of people are very rare and should be very less.

Love is the key in this world….or just bottle of wine 😀

Monroe 😉


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