First 2 weeks in Malta

Yes, I move to another country. Yes, I wanted it. Yes, I thought I will be happy. Or at least happier then I was before. Two weeks here in Malta. Am I happy? No, not yet. Too less time. But actually, I am also not missing my home. I am missing my comfort, my apartment. Here I am sharing an apartment with two people because prices for renting is so overpriced in Malta. Just crazy high compared to average salaries here.

I thought I will like Maltese guys but till now I don’t like them. I am living with Maltese guy. He is the owner of the apartment. He is 30 but he looks a little bit and dresses like a teenager. Okay, he have a tattoo what makes him look “cool” 😀 He has a girlfriend I think older than him. When I look at them I feel like mother take care of babe 😀

D7CD2F62-D63F-4B36-AB8F-C3D111CC61D3Sharing apartment actually I guess it is not for me. It makes me sad. I want all apartment for myself but can’t afford it. Also, apartments are actually little far away from the city. Public buses in Malta is just terrible. They never come on time. They have their own schedule and they will not come on that time what is written in the bus stop timetable. Sometimes they could not just stop in your bus stops. The first day when I was waiting for the bus to the job I was waiting for it one hour. My city is not far away from the city where I work. Like 8-15 min. with car but bus are going there only 1 time in an hour. Normally in my country, all public transport is exactly on time and there are going all ways, you can go to any closest place.

That is the way everyone said to me – rent apartment near your job where you will have only walking distance. To rent an apartment in Gzira, Sliema cost minimum 700eur/monthly for an apartment which is not the best ones. Most people are sharing here apartments with someone. I thought I could do the same. For 350 euro you can find a room in Sliema or Gzira where will be bed and table and place where to put clothes. Nothing much.

Sunset-Le-Meridien-MaltaFor me renting costs is like throughout money but what else I can do. One day I had an issue with the owner. In another room, there is living one German girl. She goes to Germany for 2 weeks and gives me a heater because in the apartments is so freaking cold. Realy cold. It’s colder then it is outside. One day in the morning I wake up and it was sooo cold. I switch on the heater and go to the job. Later owner text me in WhatsApp that cleaner comes and she saw that I didn’t turn off the heater. And he was:”it is crazy you could burn all apartment”. Wtf. he is 30 and doesn’t know how to heaters are working ?? They get really warm then they switch off automatically, get cold and then again start warming. I come from the cold country and in each second apartment, there is heather. Everyone using it. In my country sometimes I forgot to switch off heater too but in 10 years never nothing happened. Ok., it’s not good to left it but comoon from one time nothing happens.

I came back home from work and realize cleaner lady was in my room, there was nothing to clean but she touches all my staffs. Also, I realize that there is no heather anymore in my room. I understand that owner take it away from me. I was soo angry, really. Unexpectedly cleaner come and she was in my room and touch all my staffs, also ower comes to my room and takes a heater. Heather was with only one adapter what I had, then I also understand I don’t have adapter anymore. The most thing what I hate when someone touching my staffs.

At the same day, I just start looking for another apartment because I was soo angry. And didn’t find nothing because the prices. Because okay – if I will rent an apartment for 700-800 euro what I will be left from the salary? Nothing much. I could not save money. I will need count each month and it will be the same life like I had in my country.

What else I can say? I cant give up I need to be strong. I need to use to this or try to find other ways but I can’t give up on first uncomfortable things what I have.

Also the weather – it was freaking cold first 2 weeks. Now it becomes better but I was freezing. Wake up early in a morning in the cold apartments, really hungry, then 10 min. go to the bus stop and expect that it will come on time. Go to the city and think where I could eat breakfast, and it was really cold and windy outside. Usually, I can’t find what to eat. I still can’t find what to eat. So after some snacks go to the job, ok.there I can take coffee for free. Then 8 hours hard work and after that again go outside in cold weather 30 minutes wait for the bus who never comes on time. In the traffic 30 -40 minutes (instead of 20) go back to my city. The supermarket is like 20 min from my apartment and I don’t want hold heavy bags.

I don’t know, I don’t know…maybe I am too picky? What you think? I just can’t understand what to do. Try to find an apartment for 700 euro for myself, or try to find a closer apartment near my job but shared the apartment. And again share with someone. Maybe there will be better people because here the owner lives too and of course, he feels like home and I don’t. 😦 Sometimes he comes home with a girlfriend and she stays here too. They stay in owners room and then I don’t want to go out from my room because I feel uncomfortable that someone whom I don’t know sees me in pajama or with unbrushed hairs.

Thank you for reading this,

Have a nice day/evening to everyone (I hope mine will be too:D )



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