Drinking Friday…

Ahh…on Friday I was happy that its Friday (last weekend). Come home after work and start cleaning apartments and drink little bite wine. One glass of one, the second one. Then I offer a girl with whom I am sharing apartment wine too and then the bottle was empty. We take another bottle, then campaign and then I was ready to go somewhere out for party even I thought I will not go out.

I call Joseph he came after ass, we go to the party place and fuck I got so drunk, I drink rum with coke one, then another one, then another one. Then Joseph bought me just coke and said its rum and coke but I even didn’t realize. I get so crazy…ohh actually what a night we had.

Joseph actually wasn’t happy that so a lot of guys pays attention to me. But of course I am 26 and there is student place where are poor students. The place was so crowded I didn’t like at all. After all, I was so tired and wanted to go home. Also, I was so hungry. I asked Joseph: “let’s go to McDonald’s” 😀 Wo drive to mac drive, bought McDonald and park in the beautiful view outside of the city. It was nice. I said to Joseph how nice he is, how helpful he is, but actually, alcohol was talking not me. He was so happy, I lay down on his shoulder and fell into sleep.

In morning I wake up with so big hangover I thought I will die. Later Joseph calls me to ask how I feel and said: “You was so nice yesterday, so sweet. When you are drunk you say everything that you think.”And I thought…omg. he will now think that I really like him but the reality is that I don’t. He is just so nice to me, he helped me first days while I was here in Malta but I don’t like him as a man and don’t want relationships with him.

Next day he offers me to meet again, ask do I need something but I feel so bad. I use him. I don’t want to use him and don’t want to hurt his feelings if he has them. I think he has it otherwise he would not help me each time. He offers to meet at Saturday, then on Sunday. I didn’t want. On Monday I was out for dinner with my colleagues from the job and we walked in Valletta look the city, they drink and I didn’t want. After that when I realize that now its night already and I need to get home but I don’t know how. I was searching, searching and find one bus stop where is my bus going but it was after 48 min. Too long for me.

Suddenly while I wait for a bus Joseph text me. I said to him that I am waiting for the bus. I was so tired and I wanted faster to get home. Joseph offer picks me up but I knew that if he will pick me up he will want to drive around and not straight to home. Ok. anyway, he comes after me and we drive around 1 more hour. I even thought with the bus it would be much faster than with him get home.

So in general I am 2 weeks in Malta already. Can not say that I like her. People who love party a lot in crowded places would love here but I guess it is not for me. Maybe I just need to use to this. Need time. Yes, probably I just need time. Also it is still cold here maybe when it will be warm weather then I will enjoy this country.


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