Date with Joseph (also Maltese).

Yesterday on Saturday I was sitting in Tinder. Actually, I was so hungry but I didn’t know where I can go to eat something delicious. Also thought it could be expensive. So I was in Tinder to find someone who would love to go for dinner. I actually didn’t care who because I was so starving.

I swipe and swipe at Tinder and find Joseph. There was shown where he is working and I thought: “ou okay we have something common”. We had a match 🙂 We start to talk in Tinder, he offers to continue in WhatsApp and said he was going for dinner and offer me to join. Of course I agree.

I actually thought I will not like him. He picks me up at home. Exactly on time. I love it when I don’t need to wait for a men. We drive to the very nice restaurant with a perfect view. I actually didn’t expect that because I said I don’t care where to go for dinner I just want eat:)) I know I cant drink but at that beautiful place, with actually very smart men. I like intelligent people and he is little smarter than average people. Even he doesn’t look like Brad Pit but he is a gentleman. He opens doors for me in the car. He said:”Wait in the car I will open doors for you”. And he always does it not only one time. Always open doors in buildings and let me in first.

That is how from the first look not the most handsome men can become the best men – with attitude to women, with smartness. Not like Richard who straight at the first meeting offer me sex. After very nice dinner with Joseph, we drive around in the night Malta streets. He shows me around everything, explain everything, we walk little.

Joseph offered me in the morning take me from home and pick up to the job. I thought wow really someone wants to get up early in morning just to take me to the job. Surprisingly today he was at 8 in the morning near my home. We go for morning coffee and really he took me to the job. After the job he picks me up, we drive to some grocery store and he took me home.

Joseph just really nice men. As I don’t know no one here it will be nice to have that friend as him but as I know of course he doesn’t expect to be just my friend. We will see…we will see…:) I want to understand how Maltese guys are. The first date with Maltese guy wasn’t good, this was really good. I guess need the third one to understand.


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