Who I am?!

4 thoughts on “Who I am?!”

  1. It sounds like relationships beginning at a young age diverted you from discovering yourself as an adult. I am in a similar situation. It helped me to try new things, get away from people who think they own my existence, and to analyze my feelings until I could experience joy. You will get there. This blog is a great outlet!


  2. Sounds like you’ve had a tough life. Writing it out is a great way to release it and find your way through that maze of mixed feelings that can be so confusing. I too, hope that one day you find yourself and can say ‘I am happy’

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    1. Yes, you are right. Writing is one of the ways how to help yourself. I wanted to write from my childhood but then there wasn’t an internet and I need to write in Diary. I was always afraid that someone could read it and always I was writing with thinking: “If someone will read it? If my mother will read it? I can not write this and I can not write that”. So then diary lost its meaning. My parents didn’t allow to have my privacy and they can look in my bags, books, letters and read it without any problem. Just now, last years when I find out that I can write on the internet anonymous I start to do it.
      Also, you are right, that find your way can be so confusing. I really hope that one day I will say: “I am happy”. Thank you for your comment.

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