People with old thinking!

      I am visiting my parents now. My parents live in the very small city (Around 8 or 9 thousand people only). I needed to make a manicure and pedicure because I am moving away from my country – relocating. That is why I visit for some days, my parents and of course, I try to get my self in good looking before I go away because I don’t know when next time I will find manicure 😀 Okay okay in every country there is a lot of them but I guess at the beginning it will not be my priority.

So I visit manicure today and 2 hours she was talking and talking. I hate sometimes when they can not stop talking and usually, they are talking so depressive things. I cant listen to that for a long time. After two hours I head blow up.  When she understands that I am 26 years old and I don’t have a boyfriend, kids, I travel alone and now I am moving to another country alone. I am not moving to another country because of a great guy with whom I am going to marry but because of the job.

      She was like: “wtf. you are not bored be alone? In your ages, you don’t feel sad? You should try to find because later it will be too hard to find men. Later you can not so easily get married. Later no one will want to get married to you. Later you will not be so beautiful. Bla bla bla…”, “How you mean you travel alone?”, “Alone, completely alone?”, “It is so dangerous.Omg.I can not imagine that I would go alone without husband etc.You do not feel sad?”. After two hours of listening that I wanted to shoot myself.

      Actually what I understand that I have very open-minded thinking. When you travel you start thinking different, you start seeing things differently. Okay, this knows everyone but there are also 2 types of traveling. Some people just travel to another country, stay in a hotel, take one or two excursions and that’s it. They come back home and now they can say: “I was in Turkey”. Moreover, they start to tell everyone how in that country everyone is living as they would know it.

      Okay, that is one thing. Another thing is when she is trying to teach me how to live. How hard is life without a man? Fuck it is not hard, just sometimes lonely. Fuck whatever…


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