Prostitution (20/09/2012)

Article about Prostitution

     I just read an article that in countryside cities mens are calling prostitutes from the capital city and of course under article a tonnes of negative comments about mens who use that kind of service. Wow.

77b92d3569ed1166f04f52d7fc2f5054 everyone suddenly became an angel and “never” used that kind of service, of course, sure, everyone believes them. For example, I women being, understand why men are using that kind of service and for me, it seems completely normal. Even more, I think it should be legalized in our country. If men are respectful, working in a good job from morning until the evening and don’t have girlfriend or wife, it very normal that sometimes he wants sex too, but where he can get it? Just sex? Where? Go on the street and just ask random women – maybe you want sex? Sitting on the internet and many days looking for someone who wants just sex? Or sitting in the bar in the evening and try to catch drunk women who are horny? No one normal, self-respectful women will agree at the first meeting to have sex. Another opportunity is starting dating with any women to get later regular sex. All this kind of solutions have one big minus….there is need to spend time on that. And usually, that kind of mens don’t have time, they are not going to bars, and they are not spending time on the internet.

If I would be a man…

    If I would be a man and would want to have sex, I would definitely use better prostitutes services then never endless texting with someone on the internet, pay attention to women all the time, give compliments etc. and what for all that ?? For sex??? WTF. is really just easier to have a prostitute.


Many men are saying that they don’t have problems to get sex, then I have a question for them – how much time you spend on that? I think very rare men have such kind of relationship with girls where they are not communicating, but when men want a sex he just wrote to her and they can meet just for sex and that’s it. Nothing more. Very rare it happens, usually, mens are just lying that they have that kind of relationships. And even is really there are such girls who agree for that kind of relationship – when men write to her and she agrees to have sex – with what she is better from a prostitute? She sleeps with everyone for free, a prostitute at least gets money for that 😀

       Okay, I also agree, that prostitute service is also using guys who cant get women, they cant get any women and about sex they even can forget. What should they do? They also want sex? What should really they do? That kind of guys just makes bigger rape statistic. That is why I think it would be much better that it would be legalized. Everyone is living in frames, with public opinion and thinking. Stereotypes. A society is thinking that it’s a bi shame to be a prostitute and big shame to use that kind of service for men. Society are thinking that women who work in prostitution are stupid idiots, who don’t know nothing than open her legs and mostly that things are thinking people who never even seen, talk with a prostitute.

       They are the same women as everyone else – one is smarter, other is not so smart, one is more beautiful, other is ugly-you cant put all prostitutes in one bag. Personally, I know one prostitute who was working some month in prostitution. She starts by herself to do it and she also finishes by herself to do it. I was talking to her and she told me what kind of mens was coming to her. Yes, sometimes there come old, ugly men, but as she was working for herself she always finds a reason why she cants at that moment anymore stay with that men. More interesting was another aspect of her prostitutes life-to her was coming a lot of club owners, politics, lawyers, restaurant owners, famous poker players. With that kind of mens she had really nice relationships, even after she quit to be in prostitution she keeps contact with that mens. She had contact with different kind of people in different areas. Yes, that contacts she get threw bed, but who cares if she is satisfied with that? By the way, that girl has a higher education. At this moment she has her own business, she has a boyfriend and babe, she has her own apartments. Okay probably everything is not so great as it sounds, but still not so bad. Because she was a prostitute doesn’t stop me from being her friend.

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