My worst qualities (19/09/2012)


       Hate, hate and again I hate this character. Very rare I can say straight away strong answer like”yes”, “no”. Usually, my answers are like “Nooo, but yes, probably I could if nothing will change, but I don’t know, we will see how everything will go. However I don’t know maybe better no, we will see.” (I exaggerate of course, but you understand the meaning). For me, it is so hard to make any decision. Especially if it is a very important decision. I ail_570xN.659572098_3lv3ctually don’t like when I need to choose something. As I am women guys on dates usually says to me ” it’s your choice where to go”, “how you say”, “as you wish, just say”, “say what you want and we will do it”.  From one side I like when mens says so to me, but from another side, I don’t like that they cant say their mens word and at least offer some variants.

        In university, I need to choose final work theme. There is 30 themes but I while will think which one is the best other students will already choose it and I will left the worst. This year I will finish bachelor studies and I need to understand what to do next. This study was chosen by y parents, but now I don’t want to do what parents want. I want to choose by myself what to do next. From one side I want to continue to study in master degree or another bachelor degree, but I also want to work. If I work then I can study only part-time. Not all bachelor programmes and master degree programmes have part-time studies. Even if study part-time- what study? So many things which I cant just decide…

2. Negligence.

       I think I am little neglectful. Maybe more lazy to myself. I cant wake up early in morning to wash my hairs and think what to wear to look perfect all day. I prefer better sleep in mornings then wake up earlier to make breakfast etc.

I wake up almost in last 5 minutes before I need to go out from home. (okay in reality last 20 – 30  minutes before I go out). I don’t like many  hours walk in the shopping malls to find for yourself perfect clothes, accessories or bag who matching to your shoes. I don’t collect money for…I don’t know …nails, eyelashes, solarium or other clothes which I saw in the shop. I don’t go to the shop without money. Even I am walking into the shop with money and I don’t see something what I like I still don’t buy nothing. I don’t want to buy things just because I am rare in the shop and need to buy something. I want to buy things what I like, but I really rare like anything.

       Which my thinking usually I bought new jeans only when previous is really old and looks old. The same with shoes. That’s why I don’t have many pants, jeans, shoes. I have everything almost in one pair. Probably its because I don’t like cheap clothes. Usually, I see something very expensive which I like, but can’t afford it, from another side these expensive things also are more quality and I like quality. That’s why usually I buy very rare something, but if I buy then it’s little more expensive. And so I have one jeans who I wear every day instead of other girls who can change clothes every day because they have it a lot and I don’t 😦

       About nails – I like beautiful, short, nice nails but I have complex about my nails.They are not growing long, they are really really short and have never been long. From one said everyone says to me – just go to a manicure and grow it, but I play music instrument its uncomfortable to me with long nails. I don’t know how to paint by myself nails. Hairs? My hairs usually are in a ponytail. I cant go out with dirty hairs, to go out from home with hairs, not in a ponytail I need to wash them before. I cant wash them in the evening and go asleep with wet hairs because they will look awful in morning. So I need wake up in the morning and wash them before I go out. But as you know I CANT WAKE UP EARLIER in the morning. I usually need to wake up 6:45 am or 7:00 am, but If I want to wash my hairs I need to wake up at 6:30 at least because I have long hair and while it gets dry. It’s too early for me. In general, I am jealous of women who can wake up earlier in morning, make hairs, do makeup, think what to wear, make breakfast. I am like men – wake up wash my face, dress up first clean clothes what I see, brush my hairs, okay little bit makeup and I am ready. If need I really can be ready in 10 min.

3. Laziness

This word dont ask to explain…I am just lazy.



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