I am 16, he is 29 – Lovers (Part 2)

Continue from the previous post

sexual-healingIn the previeous post, (here: https://my-monroe.com/2018/03/01/i-am-16-he-is-29-lovers-12-09-2012/) I wrote how was our first meeting. After this first meeting, I knew that I want to meet him again, I also knew that he said he loves his wife and don’t want meet with me anymore. For me, it was my first, really first strong feelings to men. Not to guy or boy, but grown-up men. He was wealthy, he was handsome, of course, 16 years old girl from the countryside would get in love with him.

I wrote him a message that I want to meet him again. And he wrote to me that he cant afford that kind of relationships, where he also feels something and especially when I am 16. But I was that one who said to him, that we can just meet and anyone of as anytime can stop it.  Somehow he agrees, and we had a second meeting.

After second, there was third, fourth, fifth. We were talking on SMS every day from morning until the evening. Maybe once or twice a month we date. He was driving to me 5 hours from another city to just meet for some hours. On first meeting we didn’t have sex, actually, we didn’t have sex long time. He takes a hotel or apartments, we were there for some hours. I was drinking, we talk, hug, kissing, but we didn’t have sex.

In one of the meetings, he wanted that I come to another city and he sends to my bank account 100eur. 16 years old girl 100eur in that times was a big money. Always when I knew that we will meet I tried to look the best and I was waiting for him from one meeting to another.

No one of my friends or family knew about him because in countryside no one would understand that. It was really hard because I wanted to talk with someone, but I could not. I could not talk with no one about that men, but I was in love with him. We were dating like this almost until my 18. Shortly before my 18th birthday, he just disappeared. His number was switched off. I remember that as today. I send one message, no replies, another message, no replies. Then I call him and phone are switched off.


It was hard time, really hard time for me. I was so sad. From one side I knew the rules. I knew that each our meeting could be like last one. That feeling always hurts me so much, because really in each meeting I was feeling that it could be the last one and really didn’t wanted that its last one. That day comes – when I understand its over. It takes me a year to forget about him, not forget but at least not think so much. After him, i start to look for the same men in each next men.

After a year or two, I send him an e-mail. He still remembers me of course, and we decide to meet just for coffee. We meet once, then next year once. Last time I met him 5 years ago.We met to have sex and that’s it, but that last time I understand and I thought “wtf. he is not so handsome and not so great as I was thought in my 16 years”. And somehow it has gone. I forgot about him at all. Now I have just good memories of him.

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