Words – I Love You (18/02/2012)



        Today I understand that I never and to no one said this simple words “I Love You”. No one. Not mother, not father and no one other from family. And if I even never said to my family this words, how could I say it to guys…if even I didn’t have serious relationships never, so logically I don’t have someone whom to say it.

       To guys whom I just met or who suddenly put on me pink glasses, I don’t say straight away “I Love You” (because I even not sure that it is love or no), I was always waiting for serious period of relationships to say it, which never become and that’s why later pink glasses fall off and everything ends as suddenly as suddenly it starts.

        But there is one special person to whom I would really say ” I love you “. I wish to say that she is the most important person in my life and in all over the world, that I really afraid to lose her. Only thinking about it, that I could say that kind of world to her makes me cry… I am crying already now…Because in my opinion, this is three words which could not be said so easily to everyone and only to really special people you could say it. In this case, I cant just say it…this person is my mother. I want to say it to her so badly, but I cant. We never said that words to each other before, and now…I should one day say it because If I will not do it I will regret later about that all my life.


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