The Idiots of Facebook (31/03/2012)


Weirdest people on Facebook

        I don’t understand one thing. Where the fucking that kind stupid people born if they allow themselves write to me “Hello, You don’t want sex with my cousin? He is 16 years old? “, ” Hello, do you want awesome sex, I will give you the highest pleasure what you ever had, I am the best in bed”, “Are you looking for a slave? I will do naked everything what you want”, “Do you want with your sexy high heels walk on my sexy naked body?” and so on and so on… It’s crazy people…

   All these messages come from unknown profiles, incognito persons. I don’t understand…they really think that there is some normal women’s who will accept this?? Or there are also some stupid women who will accept that kind an offers from incognito persons? I think that women should be in sooo really bad situation to accept this.

      It’s much better to go to XXXXXXX website and put an advertisement in place “women looking men for sex” and then in an email just choose from hundred men the best one. Who will say straight away what he wants, will tell something about himself, will show pictures, will pick you up from home and in general you will have a nice evening. But what a fuck is these stupid persons on facebook I don’t know…


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