Hello in 8th of March (09/03/2012)

     women smoke

8th of March – International Women’s Day

 Great, even in 8th of March I don’t feel like loved women. It’s not enough that I am single and don’t have boyfriends, but even in this day, no one didn’t think to give me flowers. My family mans only can say ” Happy women’s day” and act as bad as usual. Okay, one of my family men give me a present cake, but fucking everyone knows that I don’t like sweets and cakes etc. So he brings it to me and will eat by himself…How selfish, because definitely, he thought “I will bring her a cake and she will not eat it so all will be mine”.

      For other men’s virtual world is a very good way to say “Happy women’s day” and don’t need to pay no one cent for flowers or gifts. They think if they will send some nice words in a message or will send virtual flowers they already have done their men’s duties. Ahh, send on Facebook some nice words or virtual flowers – so easy to get away.

     It would be just nice that someone drives to my home and bring me some flowers suddenly and not virtual flowers. Okay, from those guys whom I don’t see a long time or I am not communicating a long time its nice even in a virtual world to hear from that because they remembered about me, but about other… I already said.


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