Depressive mood (12/11/2011)

I cant understand,

where became such people like me. One depression after other. I am not satisfied with nothing and everything is not like I want. I feel lonely as lonely someone can feel but from another side, I have so many people around, I have enough attention from guys but look…such a princess…don’t like this, and don’t like that.

In reality,

when I am thinking I understand that I need to do something with myself but what? Really what? Can someone tell me this? Everything that I start I cannot finish till the end. Nothing feels so interesting for me to keep it for a long time or as I wanted it should be. It is like a neverendless circle. I want to find great guy/men and be in love with him but when I look at myself from other people eyes…I would not want to be with such girl who is all the time not happy with something, all the time is something wrong and everything is not how I want.  Don’t have life goals, nothing…emptiness and stupidity at the same time. I just start hating myself, but I am not the worst girl. I just can’t find happiness in life.


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