Come home after drinking night (Diary post 15/05/2011 5:14am)

Just now come back home and thinking…why the fucking I was drinking again. Okay, actually it was only 2 cocktails (2 bottles of cocktails), and if I compare how I was drinking before it’s not that bad. It’s nice that one guy took me home by car and I didn’t need to walk so long way in this cold weather. It’s fucking freezing outside. I am in my countryside home, but tomorrow at night I need to go back to the capital city and again…ahh sadly again I didn’t study nothing, what should I study. It’s my fault…I know…what I want if I am drinking on the weekends and cant do nothing. I need to stop drinking. That’s why I should not complain because, in reality, I don’t do nothing, just partying on the weekends and then I complain that I have debts in studies. One day I will stop it….


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