Lonely Life!

Lonely Life!

I don’t know even how to explain it, but have you ever feel like this – you have so a lot of people around. You live with a brother, you go out from home and there is also everywhere people around, you go to the job and in the job, there is so lot of people around.

You talk with someone, you give a lot of smiles, you laugh. You have some guys who want to date with you, you have some friends, but nothing helps…you still feel lonely in this life. Alone. Mother is calling me every day, but we are not close. Never been close. I have family – mother, father, brothers, but we are not close. I don’t remember no one time when brothers or father hug me.

Even to think about that hurts. Sad…fucking sad and lonely in this life. I hade so many men in life but I had never been in long-term relationship…how come. Everyone says to me: “Ouu you are so good looking and good girl, how come you don’t have a boyfriend till now. Why you don’t have a boyfriend?”.. “Fuck you” I always want to answer…Why they ask so stupid questions. I am not asking why you don’t have kids or why you are still not married.


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